Digital Land Transaction Platform For Real Estate Ecosystem

Everything you need  to close a land transaction on one platform. 


The new era of land ownership.

We're helping buyers to make right decisions in buying properties, assisting real estate developers to avoid human errors and help sales agents to achieve  easy sales and grow their income.

For Real Estate Agents

Become a Digital Realtor & Earn your commissions in minutes

Assess unlimited Real Estate Companies and their estates for Free. Achieve easy sales and earn your commissions in minutes.


For Real Estate Developers

Digitize your process from land search to allocation

Reduce your sales circle by at least 50%, remove human error to reduce duplication allocations and automate payments and commissions payout with ease.

For Buyers

Verify, select lands, pay and obtain titles in minutes

Access thousands of Estates from different developers, verify them, and choose a desired plot, Get payment invoice, get instant allocation your title in minutes .



Plots of Lands Allocated


Hectares of land digitized

Used by over 100 Real Estate Companies .

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Your ALLY to trusted property transaction

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